Learning How to Read Thai Part ๑ – The Super Basics

What you’ll need to get started: 

  • Familiarity with the Thai consonants and vowels (i.e. Knowing the names and sounds that the symbols make. If you need to, print out charts for your reference. I’ve added links to the charts I set-up or feel free to write out charts of your own.)
  • Determination – the desire to learn

And that’s all you need! OK, let’s get down to business!

When we start studying English, we start with very simple words, no? Words like cat, it, at, boy, etc. Simple, one-syllable words that are easy to read and memorize. I’ll do the same here for you concerning Thai. We’ll start with the “baby words” to get you used to things.

The Super Basics:Two-Consonant, one-syllable words with no vowel symbol
Thai words which are comprised of two-consonants with no vowel symbol, in front, between or after them are given a short-length “oh” sound between them.
Therefore, the word: กบ is read gop (frog)
คบ is read kop (to associate with someone)
บท is read bot (a verse, chapter, artcle or lesson- classifier for such things)
ตก is read dtok (to fall/drop)
นม is read nom (milk)
งง is read ngong (confused… which I hope you are not.)

Isn’t that easy? You now know how to read the simplest of Thai words! Yay! (applause!)
But what about the tone….

Next… Determining the Tone of your Simple Word


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