20 Thai Words Spelled with ใ – สระใอไม้ม้วน Sara Ai Mai-Muan

     As promised, here’s a list of the current 20 Thai words which are spelled with ใอ. With only 20 words, you may wonder why this is even worth mentioning. But, if you want to learn to write and spell Thai correctly, you’ll want to memorize these words. Why? Because Thai has two vowels which make the “ai” sound; ใอ Mai-Muan and ไอ Mai-Malai. If you can remember the 20 words spelled with ใอ then you automatically know that other words such as ไป ไกล ได้ etc. are spelled with Thai’s other “ai” sound vowel. Pretty neat, no?

Hope it helps!
Have fun!


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